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How many specialist officer jobs in 2013?

0 votes
The ibps specialist officer exam has been announced but i heard there are not too many vacancies for spec.officers in banks.

Is it true?
asked by ferrariboy (98 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
For the previous year, 16000 people cleared the cwe & at that time, IBPS predicted of around 4000 specialist officer positions.(source: http://www.bankexamsindia.com/2012/04/ibps-specialist-officer-exam-results.html)

Although exact no. of specialist officer posts is not known, it were definitely on the lower end compared to PO & clerical vacancies.

But since banks are opening new branches in rural areas, there is a good chance for large no. of agriculture, IT & marketing officer vacancies to be created in 2013
answered by manager (1,753 points)