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why do we hire you as you are working as a teacher presently?

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asked by Poornima (59 points)
last year i got this qns from an interviewer.
i am working as a teacher in a private school for the past 6 years.
the qns is 'as you are in education field. why do you choose bank job????'

1 Answer

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answered by manager (1,753 points)
You could have answered in the below manner,

Since i have been teaching children for the past 6 years, i know methods of explaining anything in a way that can be easily understood.Also since i hv dealt with children who are known for being naughty, i am naturally patient in hearing them and responding.

So these qualities will help me in conversing with customers who dont know much about banking thereby improving the bank`s brand value among customers.

Finally you could say, growing in the education field is becoming too hard with new people ready to work for low salary, which hurts people with experience who dont get recognition.So im switching to banking sector where performance is assessed & growth is guaranteed.

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