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ICICI bank po programme review

0 votes

I came to know that ICICI regularly conducts PO recruitment programme.I see many asking questions about bank jobs on this website & they are neatly answered.

can anyone help me by posting a review of this programme & also tell me is it good to join icici bank as po

asked by Ranjith

1 Answer

0 votes

Ranjith, its true ICICI bank is conducting PO recruitment through their own platform.See my previous answer to know about the training >  ICICI bank PO programme programme, advantages & disadvantages

To answer your next question about working in ICICI bank, I did go through some experiences & reviews shared by current employees of the bank.The following are based on those shares.

  • Most of the employees appreciate the work culture in ICICI bank wherein the freshers or newer employees are helped by collegues.The primary reason is only when you work as a team, the job gets done fast.
  • Getting in touch with senior level management is considerd easy & it is said they also treat you with respect.
  • You get indepth knoweldge about banking activites because of quality training.Due to this, employees are able to handle customers better & solve their issues.
  • The satisfaction one gets after resolving a customer`s problem is mentioned by many employees.Infact this feeling makes them forget long working hours & tight schedules.
  • Everyone agrees on awesome career growth.Performance is rewarded with promotions & higher responsibilites.It is also said that if you do the job perfectly,it wont go unnoticed.
  • Since there are many products within the bank such as accounts, cards, loans,insurance products etc., employees are required to promote them & complete the sale.Employees do complain of sales pressure.

Overall speaking, working in one of the largest private banks like ICICI Bank is described as fun, challenging & learning experience eventhough there are targets & sales to achieve.

You can read more ICICI bank reviews from this webpage

answered by manager (1,753 points)