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which is best to prepare for bank exams - self study or coaching study

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asked by Menaka
I will attend for the bank exam in first which is best to prepare for bank exams - self study or coaching study.

Say your best way to about bank exam preparation for this anyone method.

2 Answers

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answered by manager (1,753 points)

The method you choose to prepare for bank exams should depend on your capacity to study, allot time & be dedicated in your preparations.

If you are new to competition exams & havent attended even college placement exams, you can join a good coaching centre in your city.They would help you undertstand the pattern, provide study materials & will have staff to explain concepts, clear doubts.Since the classes would be conducted in fixed times, you will be present there everyday to practice more questions.

But most bank exam coaching centres/ institutes charge somewhere between Rs.5000 - 15,000 (based on city, demand & brand name)

Self study option is cheap & economical.Bank exam books such as guides, previous year solved question papers,practice workbooks etc., are available online nowadays which start from Rs.150 onwards.

You wont spend more than Rs.1000 even after buying 3 or 4 books.This will help you in practicing more questions as done in coaching centres.

The only requirement when you choose to prepare on your own is Time.No matter what, make sure to spend atleast 2-3 hours everyday for studying.Practice will make you confident to answer any type of question in the written exam.

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answered by anonymous
See, first you should keep in mind that without self study no exam can be cleared, whether it is ssc or bank.
Coaching is a primary step, but it's not cumpolsary . But Ya coaching in a good institute does make a differnce but self study is a must.
There are a no. of institutes running successfully, charging hefty sum of money and have large no. of students.
But the question is ' does everyone getting success'. The answer is clear.
They are going just because others are going.
So my opinion is go for coaching institute if you can afford. Don't go because others are going or the institute guarantees 100% success.
Go for it as a primary step towards success. As success can be achieved only after self study. BEST OF LUCK
commented by Parul Banerjee (898 points)
Rightly said.Unless the specific individual has the interest in himself/herself, nothing can be achieved.

Even though you go for coaching, that specific person must study for some time after he/she comes home

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