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If the interview panel offers eatables to candidate during interview than should it be taken?

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asked by supriya (156 points)
if the panel offers something that how should  a candidate respond to it and if they offer toffee at the end of interview than?And if they say i want a glass of water than if its on the table should the candidate pick up and give?(for a clerk post interview)

1 Answer

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answered by manager (1,753 points) seems the panel is employing some new methods to test candidates.

Well, if they offer you chocolates/toffees, do take one, say thank you & try to leave the hall by asking 'Does that mean im selected sirs/mam' with a smile.If u cud think of something else, u can ask that too but make sure it leaves a smile on their face too.It creates a good impression & will help in getting few brownie points.

If they ask for glass of water,rise from your seat,pick up the glass & offer him/her by moving forward.Dont do all these things sitting in the chair.Also dont push the glass/bottle to their end.
commented by supriya (156 points)
but the thing is if i ask m i selected ones offered chocolate/toffee will it not show my impatience..can you pls suggest me some other thing to say?
And if I get up and serve the water will it not look like I am buttering them or smethg and its even not my job to serve water. Instead if I go out and call a peon how will it be?
commented by supriya (156 points)
And one more question If they offer me some eatable or drink during Interview process than how should I react to this?one's I say no thanks and still they insist  than?
commented by manager (1,753 points)
The manner in which you ask them matters most.'Sirs, does this mean a positive result?" can be asked politely or sternly.Thats why i say ask this with a smile.If you are not comfortable or feeling afarid to ask this, its better you stop by saying 'Thanks'.

If they ask you for water and the jug or bottle is infront of you, you are required to serve them.You cannot go out, call a peon and ask him serve water from the jug which is right in front of you.

But if the water or whatever they ask for is not in the room, ask them if you can pass on the message to some other official outside the hall & proceed thereafter.Dont go out directly without asking their permission
commented by supriya (156 points)
thank you. If they insist to eat anything during interview time than?
commented by manager (1,753 points)
As i told earlier, if you feel comfortable -eat.If not, politely refuse.But we have not come across people saying the panel offered them eatables during an interview for public sector bank vacancies.There would be too many candidates to interview & they wont spend more than 7-10 mins per person

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