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No of vacancies will be constant or will it increase with every round of allotment?

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asked by anonymous

Last time with IBPS SO II, there were three rounds of allotment.

First round of Allotment, Second round of Allotment  and third round of allotment.

My Question is will the number of vacancies will be constant across all the allotment or will it be increasing.

For example, if there were total of 100 posts for IT officer scale 1, then will all the 100 posts will be filled in First round of allotment and the second round of allotment will be announced for further vacancies generated or will the first round of allotment will announce 40 candidates, then second round of allotment will announce 30 vacancy and so on.

Sorry for such a big question, but please answer.

1 Answer

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answered by Parul Banerjee (898 points)
First of all, further rounds of allotments are announced to fill posts that are left vacant during the first round of allotment.The vacancies could be of various reasons - ineligibilioty of selected candidate or he/she may have rejected the offer or the bank might have created new positions due to retirements.

The no. of vacancies wont be the same across all the rounds of allotment.It may increase or decrease depending on the needs of the bank.

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