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Eligibility for IT officer

0 votes
I want to know about the eligibility criteria for IT officers in several banks.I also heard that only experienced candidates are selected for this job.
I am doing my final year btech in computer science and having only 61% aggregate. Is my aggregate is a problem for getting this job?
How can i prepare for this exam?
asked by anonymous
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1 Answer

0 votes
IT Officer Post comes under IBPS Specialist Officer Cadre.

IT officers are recruited for two different scales - Scale 1 (Junior Manager Scale) and Scale 2 (Mid Level Manager Scale).

Eligibility for IT Officer Cadre is B.E/B.Tech in Technical Courses from a Recognized University.

For Scale 1 IT Officer post, Work Experience is not mandatory while for Scale 2, Work Experience of 2+ years is mandatory.

As long as you are eligible with the Cut off percentage (which is 60%), you should not have any problems.

All the best
answered by anonymous