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Serving Notice Period with current Employer

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asked by anonymous

If any one gets allotment to any bank in any of the Cadre(PO, SO or Clerical), how can they work around with their notice period with there current employer?

Can the aspirants can join after serving notice period or How?


1 Answer

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answered by Parul Banerjee (898 points)
You will have to speak with your current employer & get this sorted out.

Each bank has its own HR policies.So whether you can join the bank after service notice period or not must be asked to the bank.

Normally a bank gives atleast 15-20 time before joining.They will also email you the contact details of the person, reporting location, venue,time etc.,

After reaciving that email, visit that office & peronally meet that person.Discuss the possibilities of late joining & see whether they can provide any solutions.

Talk it with the concerned authorties in your current office as well.Thats the only best way to sort this out without any complications.

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