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Scope of IT Officer Scale I in Indian Bank

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asked by skg23 (22 points)
edited by skg23
Hi all,
  I got selected as IT Officer-Scale I in Indian Bank in IBPS CWE III (2014-15). I graduated from one of the premier colleges in Chennai in 2012 and presently I am working in a reputed Software Company with a decent salary.Should I give up my job and accept the Indian Bank offer ? I know bank job gives job security but what would be my average renumeration and are the chances of growth for IT Officer ?  I have heard promotions are based solely on seniority and reservation and not based on performance.Will there be frequent transfers for IT officer too ? All my family members work in public sector and hence they want me to take up the job. But I dont want to make a wrong decision as moving to Indian Bank would mean the end of my career as Software Engineer in IT sector. I am really confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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answered by Parul Banerjee (898 points)

Dear friend,

Promotions are based on performance but preference is first given to seniority, reservation & then comes your contribution to the company.There will be transfers, especially if you are in the officer cadre the chances are high.It may happen once every 3 or 5 years.

Bank jobs are not bad but it depens on the individual who takes it.Your parents may want you to join a public sector bank but where do you want to work - in a bank or an IT company?

Follow what your heart says rather than following the words of others because its your life & you only live it once.Make it the way you want it.


commented by skg23 (22 points)
Hi, thanks for your valuable and prompt opinion I will definitely not get into something that i dont like.Since I am new to banking I am not sure of the job description and work environment all. I tried to find out more but there are very few stuff regarding what is actually the job compared to how to get the job :)  I will take into account your suggestions before I make a decision.Thanks a lot again.
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answered by anonymous
Hi Buddy,

Congratulations on getting the appointment as an IT officer.

Firstly, as you are very few years old in the IT industry (private), it is obvious that you are lured by the shine of it. But to speak in a broader sense, I feel it is not the right time to be in Private IT Industry. Take my own example, I have been in IT industry for only four years and I am now a little frustrated with Promotions, Increments and trouble in Job Changes. I feel the Banking Industry has matched the Salary Standards of IT industry or even it has surpassed it.

Lets take an example:
An Engineer graduate would get a average starting salary of around 20-22k per month with an IT company where as the candidate is eligible for both Clerical and PO posts. With Clerical Job, he can make around 20-22K per month while with PO position(Scale 1) he can make around 30K per month.

The only silver lining with IT Industry is Onsite Opportunities. Gone are the days where most of the people used to get Onsite but now a days there are lot of people trying for a small bit of cake and will soon get frustrated when not got.

And also once you get older you may not have the same number of opportunities as you had when you were younger.

I would ask you to choose the Banking Job if you prefer to have Long Term Prospects with a single Employer and Job Security. The Promotions will be good depending upon what value you bring to your Job and how many people your organisation contains. And Even Increments/Salary Revisions are good.

If you are ok with frequent Job changes, less number of Job Opportunities as you grow and ok with a compromising Job Security, you can continue IT industry.

Please note - The Opinion expressed above may be too negative with regards to IT Industry but they are true also.
These opinion are of my own and has nothing to do with it.

Let me know in case you need further information
commented by manager (1,753 points)
Here comes a first hand encounter of an IT professional.Very crisp & to the point.

I believe many IT pros are leaving the high paying software jobs for government/ bank jobs with moderate pay due to the above reasons.
commented by anonymous
thanks for your note manager
commented by skg23 (22 points)
Hi, Thanks a lot for the very helpful explanation. As you mentioned, I am relatively new to IT sector and coming from a guy in IT sector, your comments are very useful to me. The various scenarios which u mentioned are also good. Thanks a lot
commented by anonymous
Which bank you have made it to matey? and Have you got the Appointment letter yet?
commented by skg23 (22 points)
Indian Bank. No i haven't received the appoinment letter yet
commented by anonymous
Ok. Let me know once you get the appointment letter from your employer.

Even I am waiting for the Appointment letter from my Employer.
commented by skg23 (22 points)
Sure..will do..
commented by anonymous
Hi, Did u take the IT officer offer ?
Please share your experience if  Yes.
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answered by simi
pls tell me also if you have more knowledge about IT officer.
i am selected as IT officer in PNB in 2014-15
i am seriously confused about what IT officers actually do?
by the way , whats your salary in company?
IT officer is scale-1 officer. its salary is easily available on net

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