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Coaching class or self study for SBI recruitment exam - which is best?

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asked by mallikacs (175 points)
Which is best to prepare for the upcoming sbi po recruitment 2013?Should i join a coaching centre or possible to learn it myself through self study

1 Answer

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answered by manager (1,753 points)
Why do some students go for tuition while some study on their own?its primarily for the greater practice that one gets in tuition and ability to ask doubts.

To go for coaching or indulge in self-study completely depends upon an individual.

If you are a kind of person who cant concentrate and study even for few mins or who doesnt mind spending rs.7000 - 10000 - go to coaching class.

If you believe you can crack bank exams on your own, buy the necessary books,guide and practice with previous solved papers.Bank exam books wont cost you more than Rs.800

There are people who don't get selected despite going for coaching & there are also some who qualified just by solving previous papers.

What matters in here is how motivated or determined to put yourselves through the grind.

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