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Overall experience - IT officer Scale II in IBPS SO III

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asked by anonymous
edited by Parul Banerjee
Hi to all the aspirants,


With the grace of Almighty, I have been selected as a IT officer Scale II in IBPS SO III.

I wanted to share the Overall experience with you all so that it may help few of the aspirants in the future.

The Common Written Exam was on 8th of February 2014.

As you might be aware, the SO exam contains four sections - Quants, Reasoning, English and Professional Knowledge.

My Take on the exam:
Quants section was little difficult and the questions were time consuming. Compared to the previous year's examination, this year's Quants questions were lengthy and you required to give each of those questions a good 45-60 secs on an average.

Reasoning was on the same stand as Quants.

English - English was comparatively easy and hardly took 15 minutes in completing the whole section.

Professional Knowledge section contained questions ranging a wide area of topics in Computer Science.

My Interview was scheduled on 19th of March 2014 in Vijaya Bank Head Office in M G Road Bangalore.

Document verification took some three hours on that day as I was second from the last.

My Interview Experience:

There were a total of 6 panelists (5 Men and 1 Women) in the interview and a total of 20 shortlisted candidates were come to give their interview that day.

I entered the room and sat on the chair and greeted them good after noon.

Q: What does your father do?
A: My Father is Senior Manager in PKGB (Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank which is RRB)
Q: So your father wants you also to be in banks
A: Yes
Q: Who are the share holders of an RRB?
A: Central Goverment (50%), State Goverments(15%) and Sponsor Banks(35%)
Q: Who are the Stake holders of an RRB?
A: Central Government, State Government, Sponsor Bank, RBI and Nabard. One Panelist appreciated for this answer.
Q: What is depreciation?
A: Loss in value of an entity over a period of time.
Q: Why Savings Bank Account are called "Mother of all bank accounts"?
A: SB form the major chunk of the total deposits of the bank and this forms the capital which Banks use for lending.
Q: What is your score in the CWE
A: 101
Q: What is the difference between Sequential file and an indexed file?
A: Sequential file is more like a queue which uses First in First out feature in processing of the files where as Indexed file uses Priority Queue feature where every file is provided with a priority and the file gets processed based on the priority.
Q: What is NPA?
A: NPA stands for Non Performing assets which are those assets of the bank from which there has been no profit generated to the bank. These are typically called Bad Loans. There are three types of NPAs. Substandard asset, Doubtful asset and Sub Standard asset.
Q: What are sundry Creditors and Sundry Debitors?
A: Sundry Creditors are those from which the bank has got capital and Sundry Debitors are those which have taken Debits from the banks.

I could only remember these questions and in case if I come to know about few more questions, I will update the same in the comments of this post.

Please note: All the opinions expressed are of my own and is not responsible for any incorrectness in the data provided above.

I have given all the interview questions correctly where as the answers that I have provided above are the answers which I gave in the interview. I haven't cross checked if they are correct or incorrect. Please verify the same.

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answered by manager (1,753 points)
6 panelists? That seems pretty big.

The questions are also more in detail compared to questions faced by freshers.

Thanks for sharing your experience, santhosh.

It should help numerous other specialist officer aspirants.
commented by anonymous
Anytime Manager!!!

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