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Questions post selection as an IT officer

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asked by anonymous

I would kindly request you to please answer my below questions.

1. I have been selected for IT officer Scale II in IBPS SO III. How long does it take for Appointment letter to be released by the Participating bank from the date of announcement of the result?

2. What is the average take home salary of the IT officer Scale II?

3. Can a person joining as an IT officer after some years of experience shift to General Banking domain as there will be a point of stagnation in Special Officer roles?


1 Answer

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answered by manager (1,753 points)

1) Normally, the banks take atleast 15-20 days from the publication of allotment results to send email about joining formalities such as document/certificate verification, medical test etc.,

Since you have been alloted to a bank already, you can wait for 15 days & incae you dont receive any communication from them, contact the bank directly & enquire with directly.They should give you an exact answer.

2) I am not sure of the exact take home salary but payscale could be in the range of Rs.35k - 40k

3) It may not be possible to shift towards general banking as i have seen specialist officers stay in the same domain till retirement.But it depends on the bank`s HR policies.Some may accomodate your request while some may not entertain it.

As IT officer (scale II), you get experienced over the years & more assignments come your way.You become the go-to man for all IT related requirements & problems within that bank.

So practically speacking, why would a bank shift its most experienced IT officer to a new department, lets say to a forex desk or credit?So i wouldnt say there is no chance.There is,but very little.
commented by anonymous
Thanks a lot manager for your detailed explanantion on all my queries.

That helps a lot.
commented by skg23 (22 points)
I have seen the HR policies of some banks online and it says after a certain period u can switch over  to general banking if u wish to. There were certain procedures listed. Resources were from internet  - not sure of its authenticity though..
commented by anonymous
Thanks a lot matey for your response.

That helps a lot and gives me hope that there is some chance.


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