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What is creamy layer and non creamy layer in the BC category. Also let me how it is applicable for married women.

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asked by anonymous
This is regarding Reservation.

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answered by Parul Banerjee (898 points)

What is the creamy layer?
The creamy layer is a term used in Indian politics to refer to the relatively wealthier and better educated members of the OBCs who are not eligible for government sponsored educational and professional benefit programs.

So basically, the creamy layer bars the wealthy among OBCs from reservation benefit on the basis of family income. The layer ensures that the benefits reach the deserving people, who need them, rather than the ones who are financially and socially well off.

Who come under OBC creamy layer?

The families with an annual income of Rs 6 lakh and above form part of the OBC creamy layer & cannot claim the benefits normally allowed to OBC category.Most govt. recruitments ask OBC creamy layer candidates to apply under General category.

Who come under OBC non-creamy layer?

The families with an annual income of less than Rs 6 lakh form part of the OBC non-creamy layer.Reservations in government jobs are mainly for these candidates only.These candidates should submit are required to
submit OBC certificate containing the 'Non Creamy layer' clause.

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