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Discrepancy in the List of PO from 1st April and 30th April

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asked by anonymous
Hi Bankjobsqa team,


There has been discrepancy in the total number of candidates that were selected in the PO/MT III list of 1st April and 30th April.

Will the same happens for Specialist Officer Cadre? Feeling a little nervous as I am provisionally selected and my marks are very near the cut off marks.


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answered by Parul Banerjee (898 points)
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Discrepancy? Of what type?

Could you elaborate on the reasons that make you think so.
commented by anonymous
Hey Parul,

Thanks for looking into this.

Well, the discrepancy was that the total number of candidates selected earlier was more than the total number of candidates that are selected now in the new list generated for IBPS PO/MT III.

Well, I was too childish that I became too nervous with it. I have been selected in the new list generated as well.


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