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What are the disadvantages in ICICI bank PO program and how is to work in that bank

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please tell me about that bank`s PO programme

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ICICI Bank is one among the largest private sector bank in India.It is also present in many foreign countries.

ICICI Bank PO recruitment programme in tie-up with manipal university is being conducted since the year 2007.According to them, more than 6,800 students have joined the Bank after successful completion of this Probationary Officer Training Programme.

I dont know why are more interested to know about the disadvantages of this ICICI bank PO programme but still i will give some details, which are entirely my own views.

•    All candidates have to compulsorily undergo the 7 months of intensive residential classroom training and 5 months of internship.For this, you will have to pay Rs. 3,37,080 which would be provided by ICICI Bank as a loan at a subsidized interest rate of 2.5% p.a.
•    This loan is to be repaid by candidates after joining the Bank in the form of EMI for 60 months (5 years)
•    The approximate salary for Probationary officer in ICICI bank coming through this route is Rs.4 lac / annum (Rs.33,000 /month) & the loan EMI per month will be approx. Rs.6000 /month
•    During the five year period, if you wish to resign from the bank, you will be required to repay the principal and the interest on the entire loan amount.

This basically means you cannot move to another job for 5 years. According to me, this cannot be termed as a disadvantage but the bank is using such a method to retain employees.

You have also asked about the work atmosphere in ICICI bank:

Certainly there would be sales targets to achieve & you will have pressure from seniors in case you don’t achieve them.But you are required to market the bank`s own products such as loans, accounts, insurance, mutual funds etc.,

Do you know? SBI in their clerk recruitment notice has mentioned that clerical employees will have to indulge in marketing activites.So it is becoming common for all banks to push their employees in selling.

There are employees currently working in that bank, so handling pressure & reaching targets depends on the individual. Just because a friend of yours doesn’t like the job doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it.

So think about your potential & decide.
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hello everyone.. my name is Sanjay
.....after entering to this Po training programme is job will be safe? or after completing course what all criterias are there for selection....

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